4 Tips to Find Your Perfect House Design

//4 Tips to Find Your Perfect House Design

4 Tips to Find Your Perfect House Design

Building a new home is full of research and big decisions. The design of your home plays the role of what is best suited to your lifestyle and it is the most important part of the decision-making process. What will your house need to meet your family’s needs? Double storey house, or single storey? There is an endless amount of options when it comes to home designs. Here are 4 tips on finding the perfect home to optimise your ease of living.


The Perfect Floor Plan

Creating the perfect floor plan for you and your family is essential. Choosing the right plan for your needs ensures the ease of living and functionality.  A big part of this decision process is all in the planning and also depends on the size of your allotment, so it’s great to have the vision in mind when choosing the right block. Think about how you currently occupy your space and ask yourself what works and what can be changed or improved. Being smart about window placement is also a way to make the best use of natural light and conserve energy use and always consider ways to maximise on storage.  Speak to friends and family that have built before and ask them, what’s the one thing they would change if they were to build again? This is a great way to learn great tips along the way.


Compare Costs

Finding your perfect house design also involves being cost-effective to fit within your budget. While getting quotes on designs or packages, make sure that all building costs are listed and that all quotes replicate the same list of inclusions so you really are comparing apples for apples.  This is where the process can become overwhelming so take your time with this research or for professional advice and comparisons, reach out to our ‘New Home Guardians’. Our consultants take the pain out of this process away and do this for you. This will allow you to directly compare costs side by side from different builders options and peace of mind knowing there won’t be surprises whilst allowing you to enjoy the experience, just as it should be. A tip for anyone wanting to do your own research and compare the market, write your wish list and get a quote done, then hand this to other builders without the total price if you do not wish to disclose and request they match those inclusions. This ensure the estimates are comparative rather than get bogged down in included and excluded items.


Visit Display Homes

Being able to see design elements and different floor plans in person will give you a better insight into what you want out of your new home especially for space and layout. For this, it can be great to visit display homes and envision what it might be like to live in a particular design. A design feature that sounds good in theory, may not seem as fitting for your family once you step inside.  Take pics if allowed, so you can remember when you get home different plans and design elements you liked as it can be too much to remember and take in when you look at so many display homes on the same day. Collect the plans from the consultants and place a star or highlight the homes that feel good when walking through so you can create a shortlist for a second visit if need be.


Create Your Vision

It is essential to have an idea of what you want from your home.  A good way to start is to list the basic elements you need from your home and build it up from there. A rough timeline and location of your build is also important to know during your planning stage.

The interior of your home is an area you can get creative about. Browse home interiors in magazines or online – with design ranging from, contemporary, modern, minimalist, industrial, mid – century modern, scandinavian, traditional, transitional, french pavilion, bohemian, the options are endless.  The real key however is to work through ideas with the new home specialists / interior designers who are there to assist, advise and help bring it all together.

This is the time to discover your preferred style and create the home of your dreams whilst always keeping in mind resale and market appeal.

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